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[November 9th, 2008]

ok, live journal, here goes nothing.
and when i say nothing, i mean nothing.

i gave up august 2007- september 2008 for him.
for him and his chocolate eyes and his stupid kisses and his stupis promises.

and he broke my heart.  and now i'm ok, and when i see him i just feel all complete like:
hey, asshole, i'm gorgeous and you didn't deserve me, and i was willing to see past that, but now i get it.
you are narrow-minded.  and you treated me like shit.  so pity you. 

and that's a good feeling.

i'm not a christian.  that's also a good thing, i'm glad that i don't have to pretend anymore.

oh! and i'm dropping out of the nursing program.  scary, i know. 
it's ok though, i'm going to do what i love.

i am so ok.

my first lj post in 12 weeks. this'll be the last one. [July 5th, 2006]
[ mood | okay ]

la douleur exquise

so, i've be craving that one last post
on livejournal,
and i decided if i do post again,
i've got to have something to say.
so here it goes.

i really love interpol. i'd forgotten that.
now i remember.

i can't tell if i hate summer or if i love it.
either way, summers have a strange effect (affect? i'll never know.)
on me.

but i'm sick of spending these lonely nightds
training myself not to care.

i know you've supported me for a long time
somehow i'm not impressed

got to be some more change in my life.

i think that's why i love interpol.

and so i swing, and i sway [April 9th, 2006]
[ mood | good ]

so, this needs little telling but:
this livejournal is for all intensive purposes, dead.

but i kind of want to post this to see if anyone will read it.
i've kind worked on it a bit,

and it's not nearly done, but here it is any way, the first couple of pages.

illuminate the no's on their vacancy sign. [March 2nd, 2006]
[ mood | this is a cute guy; i'm happy. ]

i'm listening to my 'mix of suhweet deathcab' playlist.
it makes me happy.

and going out for dinner tonight seems promising.
and three day weekends rock, my pet.
they totally rock.

[December 26th, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

i have imported over one hundred new songs to iTunes in one hour.
yeah, i'm pretty proud of myself.

i got new knee socks.
it makes me happy.

[September 9th, 2005]
[ mood | i wish ]

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